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Kymaro News and Press
Kymaro in the Movies
Kymaro goes to the Movies this Fall!
First Posted: 07-17-10 05:02 AM | Updated: 07-26-10 11:14 AM
Guess what's coming to a Movie, TV Show and your cell phone? Infomercials!

The company dreams up, manufactures and sells several dozen beauty and home fitness products under the brand name Kymaro.

The company's biggest seller for the past couple of years is the Kymaro Body Shaper. The newest product is the Rhythm Rocker that Lacey Schwimmer of Dancing with the Stars is promoting.

"We started on television,". In today's world we have a second screen with the Internet. And the next step is a third screen we're looking at, cell phones."

The company's selling website, UbuyEZ, has links to its commercials on YouTube. It also has Facebook and Twitter accounts and a blog.

"We're breaking onto the silver screen with product placement in a movie this fall,". We won't disclose the name of the movie but says that in one scene, an actor will be watching an infomercial for the Body Shaper and the toll-free ordering number will be visible.

"We don't expect people in the theater to write down the phone number but when the movie goes to DVD, people can pause it and write down the number," he says.

We are also doing product integration with a Reality TV show this fall. We can't yet give the name of the show but the theme will be ultimate fighting for women and the Kymaro Rhythm Rocker will be one of the pieces of equipment used to get into fighting shape.

"We're marketers,". "You just keep your ear to the ground and keep moving with technology."
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Karina Smirnoff loves Kymaro Rhythm Rocker
Dance Your Way To Fitness: Kymaro Rhythm Rocker
First Posted: 07-12-10 03:11 PM | Updated: 07-19-10 03:52 PM

Bored with your work out routine?

Then you might want to try the exercise machine Karina Smirnoff uses to keep herself in shape since Dancing With the Stars!

The Rhythm Rocker, an infomercial-based fitness product available nationwide, replaces boring workouts with routines like "Rockin' Latin", "Crunchin' Hip Hop" and "Rollin' Belly Dance Moves" for a total body work-out.

The machine is said to teach you how to do all the moves properly so you trim your waist and "develop shapely shoulders and arms while learning some of the hottest dance moves!"
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Kymaro Sunless Tanning System
Instant Beauty in a Bottle
First Posted: 07-19-10 01:31 PM | Updated: 07-19-10 01:34 PM
From tanning to coloring roots, beauty and lifestyle expert, Stacy Cox has a bottled solution for every beauty problem.

Stacy Cox showcases Kymaro's great Sunless Tanning System!
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Kymaro Cardi Wrap Fashion Show
Kymaro Cardi Wrap debuts at Project ETHOS Fashion Show
First Posted: 07-18-10 04:30 PM | Updated: 07-18-10 04:49 PM

The Project Ethos Love Sick event at the Music Box turned out to be the hot spot Friday night attracting thousands of Angelinos for a night of fashion, live music and art installations. The event featured 10 fashion lines, 80 models, two live music acts, 12 visual artists and five fashion vendors. Project Runway's alumnus Nick Verreos hosted the show and christened the catwalk by sashaying down the runway before introducing the musical act of the night, Miguel. After the musical performance, designer styles debuted on the runway.

On the runway was the Cardi Wrap by Kymaro. Models walked out wearing a wrap that can be transformed into over 60 styles!
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UbuyEZ sign at Lady Gaga concert sign spotted at Lady Gaga concert for the Today Show!
First Posted: 07-09-10 02:31 PM | Updated: 07-09-10 02:32 PM

Crowds unlike those ever seen for a "Today" show summer concert swarmed the plaza Friday to see pop princess Lady Gaga perform.

Screaming, excited Gaga look-alikes draped in caution tape filled sidewalks and streets from 48th Street to 50th Street and from 5th Avenue to 6th Avenue.

Mass hysteria shook the plaza as fans basked in Gaga's charm — and the rain. It downpoured at various points during the performance, leaving a sopping wet Fame Monster on stage shaking her dripping blonde hair. But the erratic weather only seemed to enhance an already electric performance.

Overwhelmed by the support of the massive crowd, Gaga even broke down and cried after the show, grasping the hands of her dancers and giving someone who may have been a fan a huge hug offstage.
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Kelly Bensimon loves Kymaro Fix My Roots
Kelly Bensimon was recently spotted using Kymaro's Fix My Roots!
First Posted: 04-16-10 04:32 PM | Updated: 04-16-10 04:47 PM

The most recent sighting of a celebrity using Kymaro's products has just been discovered on the streets of New York City! Kelly Bensimon, star of "Real Housewives of New York City," was seen touching up her roots to match her haircolor with Kymaro Fix My Roots.

"Multi-tasking isn't easy," said Ms. Bensimon. "I was so excited to find out about KYMARO Fix My Roots, it's easy to travel with and easy to use. Cheap and quick, it's the perfect product for multi-tasking mothers out there!"

Susan Heim reviews Kymaro Body Shaper

Famous Author checks out the Kymaro Body Shaper!
First Posted: 04-15-10 12:11 PM | Updated: 04-15-10 12:20 PM

Have you seen the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" book series? Susan M. Heim, Author and Editor of the series, offered her advice about looking thin and feeling great. After three pregnancies and four children, she admits that her body isn't what it used to be.

Trying out the Kymaro New Body Shaper, she was shocked and very pleased to see the results. She tried out both the Kymaro New Body Shaper and the New Bottom Shaper – and even including pictures of her "before" and "after" results on her popular blog!

Jill Zarin loves Kymaro Body Shaper

Jill Zarin's secret weapon for fitting into her fabulous outfits!
First Posted: 04-14-10 02:25 PM | Updated: 04-14-10 03:30 PM

The Real Housewives of New York City star, and mom of 4, proudly rocks the $39.99 Kymaro Body Shaper to suck her in and smooth her out in all the right places.

That's why, at the launch party for her new book "Secrets of a Jewish Mother," Jill Zarin announced that her "secret to hiding the love handles her grandmother so kindly passed down to her were thanks to Kymaro Body Shapers."

Jill Zarin loves Kymaro Body Shaper

In Touch Weekly Magazine talks about Jill Zarin's love for Kymaro Body Shapers
First Posted: 04-28-10 04:47 PM | Updated: 04-28-10 05:11 PM

"The Real Housewives of New York City's Jill Zarin uses Kymaro New Body Shapers to smooth her curves under tight dresses." ~ In Touch Weekly Magazine

Kymaro Contests - Say Yes to the Prom Dress

Enter our "Say Yes to the Prom Dress" Contest!
First Posted: 04-08-10 07:10 AM | Updated: 04-08-10 07:19 AM

Kymaro has a brand new contest to share with you! It's our "Say Yes to the Prom Dress" Contest! Read below for all the details.

"Do you dread the thought of going to the prom – because you feel frumpy alongside more glamorous classmates? Or because you haven't got the big bucks that prom night requires? Well, here's good news for one lucky girl in Orlando, Cincinnati, Chicago, Dallas and Atlanta!

The folks at Kymaro Health & Beauty Spa Essentials are going to do a free head-to-toe makeover for all the winners. The prize package, which is valued at up to $2,000, includes a free prom dress, manicure, pedicure, free hair color, cut and styling, plus a limo ride to the prom for you and your date and prom tickets paid for by Kymaro."

Brody Hutzler gives Kymaro Thumbs-Up!

Kymaro® was at The Oscars!
First Posted: 03-15-10 011:07 AM | Updated: 03-15-10 11:32 AM

Kymaro® had the amazing opportunity to be a part of an Oscar Gifting Suite! It was a whirlwind day that started with set-up at 9:30 am in the Penthouse of the Luxe Hotel, and wrapped up when the gifting lounge closed at 5:30pm. We had all of our Kymaro® products neatly layed out, from Kymaro® New Body Shapers to the Kymaro® Curve Control Jeans to the Kymaro® Bust Up Cups!
Kymaro New Body Shaper Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga's Body Stocking: 'As Seen On TV' Slimming Girdle?
First Posted: 01-28-10 09:51 AM | Updated: 01-28-10 10:15 AM

Lady Gaga is well-known for her outlandish outfits, but it seems that her body stocking-du-jour can be bought off the television, the L.A. Times reports. Kymaro, an 'As Seen On TV' enterprise claims that Gaga's flesh-colored suit is the Kymaro Body Shaper, which sells for $39.99 and gets rid of love handles, spare tires and middle age spread. It slims down 2 dress sizes instantly and is made from a comfortable fabric that moves with you, perfect for those times when you're performing "Bad Romance" in front of a crowd of screaming fans.

Is that a granny girdle, Lady Gaga?
First Posted: 01-28-10 03:17 PM | Updated: 01-28-10 03:32 PM

Kymaro New Body Shaper Lady Gaga
Sure, she may be decked out in Alexander McQueen's wildest creations most of the time, but apparently on stage Gaga is taking the innerwear as outerwear trend quite literally and mixing mass market shapers into her one-of-a-kind costumes.

A company called Kymaro is claiming that the pop star's flesh-colored body stocking, worn by her and her dancers during recent performances, is actually the Kymaro Body Shaper.

'Jersey Shore' star Snooki's shape-up secret? No, it's not a three-guido hook-up
First Posted: 01-28-10 04:01 PM | Updated: 01-28-10 04:27 PM

Kymaro New Body Shaper Snooki Jersey Shore
But maybe you wanna hide your "rolls" like Snooki does on "Jersey Shore?"

After losing a few el bees on Dr. Siegal's cookie diet from GNC, Nicole "Snooki" Palozzi has been cheating a bit.

She's confirmed that she has been wearing KYMARO's (upper body shapers) to give her an extra lean look. And it's definitely working.

Lady Gaga Gets into Girdles! You Can Too with Kymaro Body Shapers!!
First Posted: 01-28-10 04:46 PM | Updated: 01-28-10 05:10 PM

Kymaro New Body Shaper Lady Gaga
Check out this killer yet crazy shot of Lady Gaga getting into the 'shapewear, apparently the Kymaro bandage-color girdle is the actual costume for Lady Gaga & dancers during the "Bad Romance" number at recent performances.

Seems to be a brand worth checking out. Those ladies look amazing!

Strictly Fab Fashion: 2010 Grammy winning Lady goes Gaga for the Kymaro Body Shaper
First Posted: 02-03-10 10:05 AM | Updated: 02-03-10 10:26 AM

Kymaro New Body Shaper Lady Gaga
I am always on the prowl for anything that will make me look a bit more fab than usual. That extra pop…you could say. Well, I must not have been that far off when I tried on my Kymaro Body Shaper for that extra added "under" pop—because pop star Lady Gaga wears hers as an actual performance costume!