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The eyelash extension craze actually started in Asia, its sweeping through Europe, and has just taken the USA by storm. Most of your favorite movie stars are already wearing them. But they are getting their eyelash extensions applied at a salon which can cost you over $500 and the whole process can take up to 2 hours. This can be a big hassle to fit these visits into your already busy schedule and lets not forget that it costs a small fortune. But donít worry because Kymaroís eyelash extensions are handmade and are professional quality and the cost of the whole kit is just a fraction of the price when applied at a salon!

KYMARO GLAMOUR EYES Eyelash Extension Kit - Today you will receive a 30 day supply of eyelash extensions in three different lengths: short, medium, long. You also get free with your order two specially formulated adhesives to bond each extension to your natural lash. Use the black adhesive to create the look of wearing mascara or use the white for a more natural look. We will even include a set of professional quality false eyelashes.All this is yours for this one time special TV offer of only $39.95. AND as a very special promotion today, Kymaro will double the adhesives and removerÖso thatís 2 black, and 2 white adhesives and 2 adhesive removers.

FREE GIFTS - Kymaro would like to include professional tweezers to apply your eyelash extensions. This will help with perfect placement every time. Kymaro is also including an eyelash definer. This little tool will comb and separate your extensions and your natural lashes creating less clumpy and more defined lashes. You will get a slim dual mirror compact that opens to reveal a regular mirror on one side and a 2x magnification on the other, a definite beauty essential to any woman. And you get a stylish cosmetic bag, thin enough to place in any purse and a super chic way to hold all your eyelash accessories. Kymaro is also including a heated eyelash curler in your kit. This little lash curler is specially designed to allow each eyelash to be heated and curled individually. All you do is pay the small processing and handling fee of $9.95.
Kymaro Glamour Eyes Sydney"
"I had no idea there was a product like this that even existed! I don't even have to wear eye shadow anymore. It was so easy to apply too. I even wear contact lenses and its no problem at all. I love my Glamour Eyes. Thank you Kymaro!"
Kymaro Glamour Eyes "Andy"
"I used to wear mascara everyday because I wanted my eyes to stand out, but the problem was not only the hassle, but it stated taking a toll on my skin. With Kymaros Glamour eyes, I don't have to wear mascara and my eyes are SO beautiful now. I love all the attention I'm getting"
Kymaro Glamour Eyes "Tiffany"
I'm a student, and I can't afford going to the salon for extensions. But these were so affordable and they are professional quality.
Plus they were so easy to apply, I was really surprised! They are perfect for everyday use. I love them"
Kymaro Glamour Eyes "Amanda"
I'm a mom, and I don't have time to go to salons or even spend much time putting on make up. With Glamour Eyes, "I don't have a mascara mess anymore, and no more raccoon eyes for me. I just have my long, thick, beautiful lashes and I absolutely love them. My husband says I look fantastic!"
Kymaro Glamour Eyes "Jessica"
Now I know how the movie stars do it! And now I can do it right at home myself. Wow, these are amazing. They were easy to apply, and last for days, what a great product."


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Date Added: 07/05/2008 by Margot Perez
I put the single ones on to create a little bit of drama for the fourth of July and they really opened up my eyes and nobody knew they weren't my own lashes. They were also pretty easy to put on. When I washed my face, they came off really easily, which was also good because I've had them put on professionally before and couldn't get them off for days. These are great!...

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