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Clip-In Bangs


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Kymaro's® Clip-In Bangs

Bangs can instantly change your entire look and make you appear years younger. Bangs can instantly frame a face, add some volume, or change your entire look.

Now, you can jazz up your style and finish your fantastic hairstyle with Clip-In Bangs! With the constant need to keep their look fresh, celebrities often turn to clip in bangs to do just that!

Each order includes:
  • 1 x Clip-On Bangs Panel

    (11.5cm wide x 17cm long)

    Kymaro's® Hair Extensions Kit
    $ 9.95 + $ 4.95 S&H

Ready to cut, curl, and wear any way you want, your options are limitless. Wear it as your favorite style; side-swept, straight-across, or add lift and volume to the crown of your head. The "bangs" can be customized any way you want and you just clip it in! Easy to attach and has high quality netting that holds it all together while also wicking away sweat!

Not only are they affordable and straightforward to use, they actually look exactly like your own hair and are virtually undetectable. Not to mention Human Hair extensions are expensive but our Kymaro's® Clip-In Bangs are Synthetic with the same features Human Hair as they are heat friendly! So you get the price of Synthetic Extensions for the quality and usage of Human Hair.

Easy to use, clips are already attached to these Hair Extensions making it simple for any age.

You can even use hot tools, such as flat-irons, curling irons, blow-dryers, etc. (Up to 356° Fahrenheit)

Clip-on bangs are a great way to try a new hairstyle without committing to cutting your hair. Hair takes a while to grow out, so skip that awkward “growing out my bangs” stage and get clip-in bangs instead!

How to put in your Kymaro® Clip-In Bangs
With your fingers or a comb, create a center
part by dividing hair into two sections from
forehead to crown.
Take Kymaro® Clip-In Bangs and snap the clips toward you,
so the clips become open from the hair piece.
Hold Kymaro® Clip-In Bangs up to your forehead, to see
about where they need to be situated on your head to
look the most natural.
Hook Kymaro® Clip-In Bangs to your natural hair and push
on outside ends of clips to close clips and fasten to your hair.
Adjust bangs until they look natural, trimming them if necessary.
Finish and hold with a mild hairspray!

Choose from the following 15 colors:

Care instructions:
Just like your own hair, synthetic hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. There is no need to wash the synthetic hair everyday to keep great results. Only wash your extensions when you notice that the fiber appears dull. If you are wearing the hair every day, you can wash them after 4-6 wearings.
  • Shampoo like normal hair.
  • Gently remove any tangles using your plastic comb.
  • Air dry or use a blow dryer if needed.

Return Policy for Kymaro's® Clip-In Bangs
There is a 30-day exchange policy for Kymaro's® Clip-In Bangs, however no refunds will be given as all sales are final.


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