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Have you always dreamed of having a shapelier, sexier, attention getting figure? Do you want to look and feel sexier in your clothes without uncomfortable push-up bras and inserts that don’t stay put? Do you dread the thought of cosmetic surgery to fill out or lift your bust line?

It’s time to share the secret that all these models are wearing… a product that can give you the shape you’ve always wanted – no surgery, no uncomfortable bras, no hassles! Kymaro® the leader in Figure Fixing Fashion™ brings you Bust Up Cups™.

Bust Up Cups creates deep, sexy cleavage and can increase your cup size by one to two sizes instantly! And Bust Up Cups are different because they actually lift and support you!

Bust Up Cups can be worn inside any bra. Wear them with all of your clothes, from tee-shirts and tank tops to strapless gowns and button down blouses…. even swimwear because they’re waterproof and they won’t fall out.

No matter what size you are, Bust Up Cups patent pending design molds to your own unique shape, they won’t leak and wear out like the other inserts you have tried. Plus, only Bust Up Cups give you lift and support while being lightweight and breathable thanks to the specially designed holes that keep you comfortable!

Bust Up Cups look so natural no one will know you’re wearing them.
FREE 2nd Pair of Bust Up Cups is only $12.95 P&H

The best features of the Bust Up Cups are:

- Lightweight & Washable
- Invisible under your clothes
- Wear with strapless or sports bras
- Bounce and look like natural breasts
- Have breathable holes to prevent sweat and slipping
- Not just about bigger bust, but helps your clothes look slimmer too!



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“I didn’t want the BUC just because I was flat, I really wanted lift up. I think it is a wonderful thing that they do the lift and make me larger and give me the hourglass shape that I think is fabulous.”

“I think because I am wearing the BUC I look at least 10 pounds lighter, I feel great. I look in the mirror and I think I look so skinny it makes me want to wear my skinny jeans.”


"I definitely don’t need surgery now, I have the perfect chest! I was up a full extra cup size after trying them. Thank you Kymaro for this wonderful product. They are so natural looking too."


"Since I starting using these Bust Up Cups, I feel and look much younger. My whole attitude has changed. I’m enjoying life again and having so much fun thanks to these Bust Up Cups. When I walk down the street, I get noticed again like I did when I was younger"


"I had a lot of problems with sag and droop. The Kymaro Bust Up Cups gave me the lift and support I needed and a push together for cleavage. My confidence level has gone through the roof! I would highly recommend these to all women, big or small chested!"


"I’m a mom and after nursing my kids I needed help big time. With the Bust Up Cups, I went from barely a A cup to a full B Cup instantly. I’ve tried every product there is and these are the best by far, and they are so comfortable too. "



What size should I order?

To create more volume you will want to order your cup size or one size larger, it depends on how much volume you want to create. Do not go two sizes larger because then you run the risk of the insert not fitting in your bra.

If you want to use the bust up to create more support and a sexier cleavage, then you will want to order your cup size. Note a size D will support a DD.

I’m large busted, will they help me?

Yes. Bust Up Cups can provide the same support as pushup bra but without the uncomfortable under wire. They also help create deeper, sexier cleavage.

What if they don’t fit?

No problem, simply return them and we will exchange them for you and we will pay the shipping costs back to you. You will have directions along with the customer service number in your package.

What do they weigh?

Less than 2.5 ounces

How long will they last?

Bust Up Cups can last 2~3 years under proper handling and care.

Guarantee/What if I want to return my product?

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee, less the shipping, handling, and processing. You must return your product with your packing list within 30 days in order to get the refund.

What material are they made out of?


Can I machine wash?

No. Wash them by hand with a mild soap and water and let them air dry.

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Date Added: 04/23/2009 by Keeley Da
The Kymaro Bust Up Cups give you a fuller cup. I liked the fact that it did not move and stayed in place. I would recommend this to friends and family....

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