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Kymaro New Body Shaper


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Date Added: 07/24/2008 by cody Blohm
WOW i'm stunned, I really didn't think this would work but i'm desperate so i bought it and holy moly it really works flattend my sides from bulging out of my pants my sister thought i lost weight. I did buy according to the chart size and found that the chart is not accurate, I had to go a size smaller i'm still waiting for my return, i'll let you know how it fits. Lily Blohm in Denver...

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Date Added: 07/20/2008 by maryellen taylor
This is my 2nd review so let's see if it gets posted....I agree the time it took to recieve the product was great. I do feel the product is as amazing as they make it out to be. I had a "1" inch diffrence not the 1-2 dress sizes that all the people in the commercials had. It does smooth out some of the little love handles but amazed, I was....

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Date Added: 07/18/2008 by Rebecca Sayer
The product arrived very quickly! But, much to my dismay, it just didn't work for me. The fit was wrong for my petite frame. It's a wonderful idea but apparently not for everyone. Guess I'll have to lose my "love handles" the hard and exercise!...

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Date Added: 07/18/2008 by Sabrina Sharp
I received my body shaper regular shipping 6 days after ordering. The size chart indicates I should be a 6 size per my bra size. After reading the reviews about the body shaper being too big I decided to go with the size I would be with the shorts which is a 4.It fits perfectly. The tummy area is smoother as shown in the advertisement but the back support is loose. I don't feel the product has any back support as it claims. I am overall satisfied with the product and would recommend to a friend....

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Date Added: 07/12/2008 by Stacey Cassel
I ordered on a thrus. recived on wed.. Was too big, so i returned it for a smaller size. Recived that one 2 weeks later, still a little big but smooths out the bumps. I will keep it and wear it to work, i'm going to buy another in a smaller size for specail occasions. I do love this. Breatheable and comfortable, sizing is just confussing....

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Date Added: 07/12/2008 by Sheri Couto
I'm impressed!!!! I rarely buy things over the internet, and this sounded too good to be true- but decided to take the chance. When I first tried on the top, there was NO WAY I was going to get it over my hips! I actually was dissapointed, and ready to give up. Then, I put the bottoms of first, then rolled the top up-just like you'd bunch up nylons to put on- rather than trying to pull it all up at once. Easy enough, and it fits fantastic!! Besides making me look the BEST I have in a very long time, it also improves my posture- and seems to put me in the same position my chiropractor and physical therapist try to get me to maintain. No more slouching- the difference is amazing!! I sit at a computer all day, and this actually helps to change the way I sit-unbelievable!! I HIGHLY recommend this to anyone thinking about buying it- what a difference it's made for me! Those 'before' and 'after' pictures are for real- never would have believed it, if I didn't buy it and see for myself! I fee...

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